" Brand New 'In-Stream Video Pitch Technology'

Monetizes ANY VIDEO In Just a Few Clicks...

And Jacks Up Views, Sales & Conversions on Your Most Critical Videos

By Cloning the Video Marketing Tactics of
The Biggest & Most Profitable Websites Online Today... "

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Video Ad Rival by Peter Beattie

License Details:

  • FREE Developer's License Included! (Will Be $20 Extra Soon)
  • Use on Unlimited Number of Sites You Own!
  • Use on Client Sites and Sell This as a Service!

How To Guarantee Your Success w/ Video Marketing:

" Do What The
BIG GUYS Are Doing "


" Start Generating

From The Amazing Video Tools You ALREADY OWN...


" Relax. It's easier than you think. "

Monetize Your Videos

(or ANY video online - even if someone else created it)
w/ YOUR OWN "In Stream" Video Offers & Promotions.


Watch This Example!

"In-Stream" Video Marketing is


" 72 percent of in-stream online video ads are watched to their completions. "

(CMO.com - Marketing Insights by Adobe)

" Consumers are 27 times more likely to click through online video ads than standard banners. "

(CMO.com - Marketing Insights by Adobe)

" U.S. digital video ad spending will more than double in the next 3 years, climbing from $5.96 billion in 2014 to $12.71 billion in 2018. "


" Social and mobile gaming video ads have a 91 percent completion rate. "

(CMO.com - Marketing Insights by Adobe)

" Video ads have an average click-through rate (CTR) of 1.84%, the highest click-through rate of all digital ad formats.  "


It's Time to Take





Video Ad Rival by Peter Beattie

The Ground Breaking New Video Player Plugin That Leverages
"In-Stream" Video Offers & Promotions to
Increase Video Views, Sales & Conversions...GUARANTEED!


Kim Senney

Peter, great templates!

Think I just found the missing piece to my video projects. I made 3 new videos today!

I’m finally pushing past all that stuff that use to stop me & now I’m making it happen! Woohoo!

Kim Senney VideoRevolver.com Customer
Paul Stevens

Peter I have purchased a lot of your products, so when Instant Video Templates came out, I had no concerns about value.

What I didn’t expect was how quickly I would see it.

Within 5 minutes of going through your first tutorial, I learned enough tips on using PowerPoint to easily make the purchase worthwhile. I’m talking about saving 30-40 minutes of work on every video I create from PowerPoint…and not just on your templates, but any templates, or even my old ones.

Great stuff Peter. Before I even offer a video to a client, I am ahead of the game.

Paul Stevens bootstraplocalmarketing.com
Darren Scott Monroe

I LOVE it. It compliments any video maker or video editing software! Plus the easy steps to just make slides for the video are brilliant! This is a no brainer package. GO FOR IT!

Darren Scott Monroe darrenscottmonroe.com

Hey Peter,

Just purchased Instant Video Templates. I have dabbled for quite awhile trying to make decent PP Videos. I have only watched your first instructional video and am quite impressed with the valuable information you give on using different functions in PP which I never knew. That in itself makes me want to dive right in with this new wealth of knowledge you have provided.

Will keep you posted on progress.

JR myntrep.com

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I'm guessing by now you have more than enough video makers and other products to help you make better videos.

Am I right?

But, are you actually using those videos to generate sales in your business? Are your videos working for you, making sales around the clock, allowing you to live a life of complete FREEDOM on your own terms?

On this FREE Live Training I'll reveal my "Video Slingshot Method", a step by step blueprint you can follow to start making at least $6k /mo w/ your videos.

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As a member of VideoRevolver.com, you'll also get a special invite to my secret Facebook group for Video Marketers which is now over 4,119 members strong!

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Total Value: $97 /mo

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Yours FREE!

(When You Buy During Our Special Launch Event)

Jimmy Bornamann

Just want to complement you all one more, time I have been watching some videos and such good content, so clear and to the point.

All content not a lot of fluff and he does a great job of building up to he next sale or upsale. Well done guys I am a big fan. Thanks again.

Jimmy Bornamann expressvideoseo.com
Kai Kauai

Peter, thanks for the AMAZING Instant Video Templates, WOW!

Not only did you provide great instruction on how you created these templates, but I’m blown away by the possibilities and untapped versatility in PowerPoint.

Opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on video creation. Thanks again.

Kai Kauai thedreambigbiz.com
Steve Boxall

Brilliant – the training videos alone are worth more than the cost .

Steve Boxall VideoRevolver.com Customer
Sarah Arrow

Picked it up about 30 minutes ago, and really loved the templates. Think that combined with the scripts I’ve really no excuse not to do video now!

Sarah Arrow VideoRevolver.com Customer

Let's Look "Under the Hood"
& See What It Can Do...

Pre-Roll Promo Videos

Easily add your own promo videos to the beginning of ANY video you want, to promote literally anything. (your products/services, affiliate products/services or ads from paid sponsors)

If clicked, the viewer is redirected to the URL of your choice (landing page, sales page, affiliate site, shopping cart etc.)


In Video Pop Up Banners

Easily add banner ads - or any graphic that you want - and make it pop up in your video at the time you specify. (Ex: 00:10 into the video)

If clicked, the viewer is redirected to the URL of your choice (landing page, sales page, shopping cart etc.)

In Video Pop Up Text Alerts

Easily add text based ads or alerts and make them pop up in your video at the time you specify.

If clicked, the viewer is redirected to the URL of your choice (landing page, sales page, shopping cart etc.)

Supports Youtube, Vimeo & Self Hosted Videos

Easily grab the ID of any Youtube or Vimeo video and in seconds you can have it on your site w/ your OWN ADS displayed on that video.

You can also host your own videos if you'd rather do that.

Quick 5 Min Setup + Easy to Use

Easily install VAR in seconds within your WordPress Dashboard and w/ the easy to use drag and drop settings, you won't need to waste hours or even days learning how to use it. You'll also get detailed video tutorials and full support if you need help though.

Beautiful Built In Video Player Skins

Easily change the look and feel of your VAR powered self hosted videos with our gorgeous pre-designed video skins.

Interactive Video Playlists

Easily organize and group together videos that go together such as a video series, tutorial subjects or complete video courses. Each video on the playlist can also have it's own ads.

Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly

The Video Ad Rival player is based on a 100% responsive design and will instantly re-size and adapt to fit any size monitor from any device, without any extra input from you.

Custom Video Logos & Watermarks

Don't let your visitors forget about you. Easily add your own logos and watermarks to your VAR powered videos in just a few clicks.

Over the Shoulder Video Guidance

I'm not gonna give you the plugin and send you off intro the sunset to figure out how to use it on your own 😉

I took the time to create step by step tutorial videos showing you exactly how to use VAR and all it's amazing features, which you'll get access to inside our private members area.

Naturally Viral Social Sharing Buttons

When you self host a video and display it on your site with VAR, you can also enable social sharing buttons. This means when your viewer shares your video, they're also sharing all of the ads you have preloaded into the video.

This means more FREE viral traffic to your offers and promotions within your VAR powered video.

How Can I Use Video Ad Rival to

Generate More Profits from My Videos NOW?

Monetize Your FREE Video Content

Instantly start earning passive income from your "Free to watch" content like video blog posts, tutorials, podcasts & Youtube videos by using our "in-stream promotional tools" to promote your paid products and services to your visitors.

Profit from Other People's Videos

You don't even need to create your own videos. Just find a video created by someone else on Youtube or Vimeo, use Video Ad Rival to embed it on your site and easily monetize it w/ ads and promotions for your own products & services.

Increase Upsell
& Funnel Conversions

Selling a video course or software that comes w/ video tutorials? Use Video Ad Rival to re-market your upsells or promote other related products & services that your customer may also be interested in.

Custom Intros & Branding for Your Videos

Want a quick and easy way to add your company branding to the beginning of your videos? Just use our "pre-roll" video ad feature to add your logo opener or video intro to any video in seconds. No need to edit and re-render your video!

Get Your Most Important Videos SEEN

Let's face it. Your customers are more likely to watch a video if they don't expect to be sold to somewhere in the video. With VAR, you can use this to your advantage by strategically placing promo videos & ads for your paid products & services within your FREE content when they're guard is down.

Sell Your Stuff Without Selling. At All

Selling isn't something that comes natural. But content marketing makes it easier. With VAR, you can focus on delivering valuable content to your subscribers, and let our built in "in stream promotional tools" do the selling for you. Just add your marketing messages & let VAR get to work.

Easily Organize & Deliver Membership Site Videos

Video Ad Rival also comes with a fully featured video playlist that you can easily enable to group a bunch of videos together in one player, such as a series of videos or a video course. This makes it easier for your customer to consume your content AND reduces the number of pages you need to create in your members area.

Sky Rocket Affiliate Commissions Using OPV (other people's videos)

Let's say you want to promote a weight loss guide for men but don't have time to create a bunch of videos. Easy. Grab a bunch of short workout videos from Youtube, add them to your site w/ VAR and easily put ads on those videos w/ your embedded affiliate link. Now you're earning commissions from OPV (other people's videos)

Monetize Your Podcast or Web Show w/ Paid Sponsors

Got a bunch of FREE content that you want to start monetizing? Use VAR to start selling paid sponsorship spots within or at the beginning of your episodes, just like a TV show!

Start Making Money from Your Blog or Other Content Driven Sites

If you publish content on a regular basis but want an easy way to start monetizing your site, use VAR to place ads within your videos for your own products, affiliate products or paid sponsors.

Profit from Social Shares & Viral Videos

When you spot a video that starts to go viral, embed it on your site with VAR and enable social sharing. When your visitors share your VAR powered video they'll also be sharing your ads within that video for you, increasing your earnings w/ FREE traffic without any extra work.

Grow & Monetize Your Youtube Channel

Instead of keeping your Youtube subscribers on Youtube, embed your videos on your site with VAR and send your subscribers there. Then you can use our "in video promo tools" to promote whatever you want without worrying about upsetting Youtube.

Gilbert Bermudez

I just wanted to say that Peter Beattie is the Man! The 30 Minute Web Commercials training cleared up a lot of Video building issues for me. I have seen alot of stuff on my IM trail and this is the best Video Training I have seen. Thank you Peter!

Gilbert Bermudez Video Revolver Customer
Althea Lovell

I like the 30 web video commercial training. It has help me improve on my skills. Happy to be here and hope to learn a lot!

Althea Lovell Video Revolver Customer
Trevor Lundstrom

We have just finished the final (3rd) training webinar with Peter, the whole course has been INVALUABLE to me. Peter has explained a lot of stuff that I was just about to give up on asking other video people, thank you so much Peter.

I am very pleased I found Peter and this group, really have some big ideas I can now get started on.

Trevor Lundstrom trevorlundstrom.com
Joel Gali

Man I kid you not, I just bought Video Blackbelt and the upsell. . . I’ve been wanting to become a copywriter for the longest time and now with this product, this made me become one on steroids. Peter Beattie you don’t know me but honestly this has finally got to be the best thing online i ever bought. Now I will be able to live the dream I always wanted THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Joel Gali ineedarticlesnow.com
Diane Ferraro

Love your stuff…have been into video marketing for about a year…your stuff is killer…can’t wait to learn more! You give a lot of good info and details compared to many other IM’s. New VBB is great…thanks Peter for giving us a break….thumbs up from me!

Diane Ferraro Video Revolver Customer
Mike Beasant

Peter, you have done it NOW! I bought several of your products to make it easy to sell promo videos. I have tried several others, After Effects Templates etc, but nothing beats the quality of your training and simplicity of the system. . . I now have clear and simple marketing videos I can use without messing around with videojac or videoscribe. . . Your products have changed my view on how to run my business and the services I can offer.

Mike Beasant mikebeasant.com

What Are You Waiting For?

It's Time to Start
Cashing in On Those Videos!

Video Ad Rival by Peter Beattie

License Details:

  • FREE Developer's License Included! (Will Be $20 Extra Soon)
  • Use on Unlimited Number of Sites You Own!
  • Use on Client Sites and Sell This as a Service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to install?
Yes. It's a WordPress plugin and can be on your site and working in just a few mins. I also provide you with detailed tutorials and full support if you get stuck.

Does this have anything to do with Youtube's "in stream" video advertising platform?
No. However, Video Ad Rival takes the power of that concept and puts it in your hands to use in your own videos, with your own ads & promotions.

This means you can promote whatever you want (your own products, affiliate products or products from your paying sponsors) and keep all the profits without a middle man.

Does this work on Mac & PC?
This is a WordPress plugin so it doesn't matter which operating system you are on. There is nothing to install on your computer.

If you can install WordPress on your hosting account (most - if not ALL - can), then you can use Video Ad Rival.

How many sites can I use this on?
As many as you want - as long as they are YOUR websites or client websites. (Sharing of license keys will get your license revoked.)

Can I use this on client sites?

What are the OTOs?
As usual, the OTOs are not required but only add additional value to your purchase of Video Ad Rival.

OTO #1: Done for You Video Ad Templates that you can use with Video Ad Rival right out of the box to get started immediately!

OTO #2: My unreleased "Video Influence" video copywriting & persuasion course. In this course I reveal my best kept secrets for using clever persuasion tactics to build a cult like following and generate windfalls of sales on demand with hypnotic marketing videos.

Is this mobile friendly?
Yes, the player is completely responsive and will resize to fit any browser size from any device.

Does this only work with Youtube Videos?
It works with Youtube, Vimeo and self hosted videos.

Can I use the videos I create from Explaindio, VideoMakerFX, Easy Sketch Pro, Instant Video Templates and others in this?
Yes! In fact, we encourage it. Video Ad Rival is a great way to put your fancy new videos to good use!

Video Ad Rival by Peter Beattie