Want to Watch Me Use '30 Minute Web Commercials' on a Real Client?

RARE - "Over the Shoulder" Style Training Reveals...

"Watch Me Create a Web Commercial for a REAL Client, in REAL TIME"

...So You Can Follow Along in Real Time and Have a
Fully Completed Web Commercial Ready for Sale in Just Hours from Now!

What You Get:

  • 3 Video Training Modules

    Over 5 Hours of Over the Shoulder Style Video Training where you watch me create the web commercial for my client.

  • PDF Slide Handouts

    You’ll also get PDF Handouts to go with each video so you can easily follow along and take notes.

  • Bonus Templates & Downloads

    You’ll also get the exact templates I use in the training for writing the script, storyboarding etc.

What You'll Learn...

  • Creating Irresistible Videos

    How to design, plan & create videos that clients will gladly pay big bucks for.

  • Pricing for Video Services

    My pricing strategy, how to determine your pricing & increasing perceived value to clients.

  • The Tech Side

    My simple video editing techniques and the software and secret tools I use.

  • Client Delivery

    How to deliver the final product to your client and get paid.

  • Sound Engineering

    Selecting music and sound effects to enhance the effectiveness of your videos.

  • Ninja Script Writing

    How to easily write a killer script for any video in less than 20 mins.

Normally: $297.00


Real Client Case Study