A Local Marketer's Dream. . .

Done for You Offline Explainer Videos
Turn "Fence Sitting Prospects"
Into "High Dollar Clients"

...And They do it on Complete Auto Pilot
So You Never Have to do Any "Hard Selling"

"Use these easily re-brandable videos on your website, in your email follow up series
...or upload them to YouTube and attract new high ticket clients today!"

Hey There Fellow Local Marketer,

Are you looking for a way to easily pitch your services to potential clients or upsell/cross sell your other services to clients you already have?

All without needing to pick up the phone and spend hours cold calling on businesses who just end up hanging up on you anyways. . .

. . . or without needing to do any other difficult client getting methods that involve hard selling?

If so, today is your lucky day.

My name is Peter Beattie and I am a local marketer, software developer, and above all. . . a video marketer ūüôā

Back in the summer of 2009, I used simple web videos to help launch my offline marketing business and since then, have used video to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own products and services on and offline.

I've tried sooooooo many different ways to get clients over the years. Some worked great while some just failed miserably. . . so I kinda know what works and what doesn't.

One of the things that has always worked well for selling my various services to new and existing clients is creating short and simple web commercials or "Explainer Videos" that simply explain the details of the different services that I offer and showing them to potential clients.

Each video is about a minute long, packed with informative content and ends with a short pitch for my services at the end ūüėČ

They work great for educating clients on why they need my services and why they should invest in them.

Here's proof. . .

Now. . . about 6 weeks ago I was approached by a friend who recently lost her job as a manager of a corporate restaurant. She had always wanted to start her own business doing what she originally went to school for. . . web design. And she wanted to target local businesses in her area with her web design services.

But, she had NO CLUE about how to go about getting started, how to approach potential clients, or how to create a sales funnel to sell other services to her clients to make more money over the long term.

She knew about the success I had with my own business and approached me for help on how to get clients and position herself as a trusted authority in the eyes of her prospects. . . even though she had no prior experience with real clients.

One of the things I helped her do was create short and simple web commercials that showcased the different services she offered. . .

So, we went to work and created 5 unique and professional web commercials for the following offline services she planned to offer. . .

  • Mobile Web Design
  • Video Marketing
  • Facebook Services
  • Email Marketing
  • and SEO

We put these videos on her website, on her YouTube channel, and in her email follow up sequence. . . and people loved them!

Response from her website and landing pages increased drastically almost immediately, and she got her first few clients within 2 days of placing the videos on her website with an email follow up sequence.

She has since used these videos to reel in 7 new clients and cross sell her other services to existing clients.

Why did these videos work so well for her?

Because as we all know, NOTHING converts like video. People love to watch it, especially when it's fun to watch and actually educated the viewer with valuable content.

So, why am I telling YOU this story?

Well, it's simple really. . .

Some people are struggling to get clients
or just HATE selling with a passion and just want...

An Easy Way to Get Paying Clients

I know YOU could also benefit from the same kind of videos I helped my friend create, but you may not be a "tech wiz" or want to pay some overpriced "video gooroo" hundreds if not thousands of dollars to create similar videos for you.

So, I got permission from my friend to remove her branding from the same videos I helped create for her business and have decided to offer them to you here today with FULL PLR RIGHTS  to use however you wish in your business.


PLR Video Smackdown Volume 3

The "Done for You" and "Completely Rebrandable" PLR Video Series
to Help You Rake in High Dollar Clients.

PLR Video Smackdown V3

What You Get...

  • 5 HD 'Web Commercial Style Videos' w/ PLR Rights

    Done for you & completely rebrandable videos rendered to mobile & web friendly .MP4 files.

  • Easy to Edit Powerpoint Slides

    Original Powerpoint slides included for easy customization of text and animations.

  • Professional Scripts & Voiceovers

    Original source files for scripts in .PDF format and voiceovers in .MP3 format.

  • Background Music

    Original source files for background music in .MP3 format.

  • Step by Step Video Tutorials

    Watch over my shoulder and learn how to easily customize or rebrand the videos however you want.

  • FREE Lifetime Updates & Support

    If you ever need help with anything, just submit a ticket and I’ll be there.

What People Like YOU
Are Saying About My PLR Videos...

"I have bought just about every product Peter has put out and they have helped me to make my services website look fantastic, awe my clients with videos and themes that were top of the line, and acquiring new clients by educating them with the videos that he produces." Morris Murphy
"Amazing Resource here! A Must-Have for anyone doing or starting offline consulting!" Gary King
"A really excellent product that offers real value and will be of true benefit to anyone using video for local offline services. I can already see how to use this for attracting new clients." Grahame
"I'll be doing a presentation to my local chamber of commerce on social media. The OTO video may be a great thing to present to break into the video market with local businesses." Mark

The Videos...

Each Video Ends with a Call to Action Encouraging
the Viewer to Contact You for More Info on Each Service!

Video 1: Mobile Web Design

Use this video to explain to your clients why Mobile Web Design is so important to the success of their business and encourage them to contact you to help them out!

Running Time: 01:36 | Total Value: $497

Video 2: Facebook Page Services

Use this video to explain to your clients why having a properly managed Facebook Page is so important to the success of their business and encourage them to contact you to help them out with it!

Running Time: 01:55 | Total Value: $497

Video 3: Email Marketing Services

Use this video to explain to your clients why Email Marketing is so important to the success of their business and encourage them to contact you to help them out!

Running Time: 01:21 | Total Value: $497

Video 4: SEO Services

Use this video to explain to your clients why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important to the success of their business and encourage them to contact you to help them out!

Running Time: 01:54 | Total Value: $497

Video 5: Video Marketing Services

Use this video to explain to your clients why Video Marketing is so important to the success of their business and encourage them to contact you to help them out!

Running Time: 01:34 | Total Value: $497

Bonus: Private FB Mastermind Group

As a member of VideRevolver.com, you'll also get a special invite to my secret Facebook group for Video Marketers.

Learn from other video marketing ninjas like yourself, showoff your skills, JV, network or ask for help when you need it!

Total Value: $2,485.00


PLR Video Smackdown V3

What Makes These Videos So Great?

Ready to Use

The videos contain no branding, can be instantly downloaded and put to work sending you new clients today! You can also easily add your own branding if you want...we show you how ūüôā

Mobile & Web Friendly

All videos come in full HD web & mobile ready .mp4 video files that can be directly uploaded to your favorite video sharing site or self hosted player.

Full PLR Rights

All videos come with Full PLR Rights allowing you to use them however you need to. Use them as is or rebrand them as your own, it's totally up to you.

US & UK Voiceovers

Each video comes in both US & UK versions complete with broadcast quality voiceovers performed by our professional voice talent.

Professional Scripts

All scripts are professionally written by our in house English speaking female writer and encourage the viewer to take action. (source files included for easy editing)

Easy to Customize

All videos come with source files and can easily be edited & rebranded with your favorite video editing program in minutes.

Info Packed & Fun to Watch

Each video is packed to the brim with valuable info on 5 popular offline services and are perfect for high value educational content that can be used to attract high paying clients in droves.

What Can You Do with These Videos?

  • Lead Magnets

    Give them away to your prospects in exchange for their email address and build a profitable list.

  • Website Content

    Power-up your website pages and increase conversions.

  • Youtube Content

    Upload them to YouTube and attract a lifetime supply of FREE traffic.

  • Sales Funnel Content

    Use them in your customer followup series to cross sell your other services to clients.

  • Free Giveaways

    Give them away to your clients as a way of saying “thank you”.

  • Paid Products

    Put them in a membership site and charge people for access to them.

Don't Miss Out...Get Started Now!

PLR Video Smackdown V3
"Great looking videos at a ridiculously low price Peter, GREAT JOB!" Bertram Heath Sr.
"Peter's Video Creation products are simply a MUST HAVE...You would pay Hundreds for this quality and content anywhere else." Nick Mancuso
"Hey Peter...this looks first class. Equivalent to TV commercials in my opinion. Thanks for the high end production." Andre
" Thank you for being such a stand up guy who REALLY creates something of real substance. I'm fortunate to be able to add this to my Video line up I look forward to your additions in the future" Skye

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I Get Stuck and Need Help?

A: Don't worry! Just submit a ticket on my help desk and either my assistant Emily or myself will be there to help.

Q: Can I see a demo?

A: Sure, here you go!

Q: Can You Help Me Customize These Videos?

A: Yes, we provide detailed step by step tutorials that show you how to easily rebrand or customize these videos for your own business using a common video editing program such as Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier, Windows Movie Maker or even iMovie.

Q: Do You Have Other PLR Video Packs?

A: Yes, here are my other PLR Video Packs:

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You might also be interested in my video creation courses:

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Q: Can I Really Rebrand These Videos as My Own?

A: Yes, you really can. I'm giving you full Private Label Rights (PLR) to use these videos however you want. Whether that be using them as is, selling them, giving them away for free or rebranding them as your own...that's up to you!

Q: Is there an upsell / OTO?

A: Yes, but it's not required. It's an optional upgrade that includes a PLR video mega pack of 22 videos, an email follow up series, a video about my home office video setup, and a lead generation WP theme.