$197,113 in Sales. 5,000+ Customers. Flipped for 6 Figures. Built w/ Video.

"How We Made Over $277,113
Promoting Our Own Digital Products
with Slick Marketing Videos"

Discover how to use your new-found video making skills to
create a real, sustainable, sell-able and profitable business online.

What is it?

This is a 2+ hr "advanced level" training session where I reveal the EXACT formula we used to create a $100,000+ /yr business in less than a year w/ video AND how/why we eventually sold it for around 6 figures shortly after.

Who is it for?

People who've taken my other courses on video creation and already have a good understanding of how to make videos but want to know how to actually use those video skills to build a profitable online business.

What You'll Discover...

  • How a late night beer fueled conversation between a friend and I turned into one of the most profitable business ideas ever, and how we almost never followed through with it.
  • How we were able to quickly create a business that makes over $100,000 per year, despite having a broken business model.
  • The 3 screw-ups (that if we had taken the time to fix) would have catapulted us from 6 up to 7 figures.
  • How to quickly become a recognized authority in ANY market, even if there’s a bunch of competition and if you have absolutely no reputation in that market.
  • Our formula for quickly creating blockbuster products & services that will position you as a market leader and create dedicated customers who will continually walk over broken glass to buy your next offering.
  • How to properly brand your business so that you stick out in a sea of competition. The web is a crowded place. Being different = more profits.
  • The fool proof way to easily build a team of outsourcers to do all the “dirty work”, so you can focus on profits & scaling your business.
  • How to setup your business the RIGHT WAY if you ever plan to sell it and cash out in the future. If you screw this up, you won’t be able to sell your business for what it’s really worth.
  • How to create windfalls of cash & customers on demand with simple product launches, but why you shouldn’t count on it.
  • The one critical mistake 99.9% of all marketers are currently making and how it’s costing them thousands in long term lost profits.
  • The RIGHT WAY to sell an online business that’s worth at least $100,000 and how to make sure it sells for 1-2.5x your yearly revenue. Hint: This has nothing to do with Flippa.
  • The "trip wire" sales funnel process that can turn a 5 or 6 figure per year business into a 7 figure per yr business and beyond. I wish I knew about this early on.
  • How to cut out all distractions, become laser focused and actually create a real business that generates revenue. Most people never make it past the idea phase.
  • The REAL TRUTH about upsells, cross sells and backend product funnels and how they could literally mean the difference between embarrassing failure and extreme success.
  • How to build a long term and sustainable business that thrives on repeat customers while cutting your advertising costs to nearly zero. Hint: this has to do with how you treat your customers. We really screwed this up at first. Don’t make the same mistakes we did!
  • How we used the power of simple marketing videos to launch this business and grow it into a 6 figure beast.
  • The easiest way to quickly attract paying customers by the truck loads, even if you’re just starting out.
  • …and sooo much more!

Valued at: $497.00


The PremoPress Story - Advanced Level Training