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Instant Video Templates


Instant Video Templates

My Personal Collection of "Done for You" Animated Video Templates that
Give You Professional Looking & High Converting Marketing Videos in Just Minutes
without the Need for Over Priced or Hard to Use Software!

Paul Stevens

Peter I have purchased a lot of your products, so when Instant Video Templates came out, I had no concerns about value.

What I didn’t expect was how quickly I would see it.

Within 5 minutes of going through your first tutorial, I learned enough tips on using PowerPoint to easily make the purchase worthwhile. I’m talking about saving 30-40 minutes of work on every video I create from PowerPoint…and not just on your templates, but any templates, or even my old ones.

Great stuff Peter. Before I even offer a video to a client, I am ahead of the game.

Paul Stevens
Darren Scott Monroe

I LOVE it. It compliments any video maker or video editing software! Plus the easy steps to just make slides for the video are brilliant! This is a no brainer package. GO FOR IT!

Darren Scott Monroe

Hey Peter,

Just purchased Instant Video Templates. I have dabbled for quite awhile trying to make decent PP Videos. I have only watched your first instructional video and am quite impressed with the valuable information you give on using different functions in PP which I never knew. That in itself makes me want to dive right in with this new wealth of knowledge you have provided.

Will keep you posted on progress.

Steve Boxall

Brilliant – the training videos alone are worth more than the cost .

Steve Boxall Customer
Sarah Arrow

Picked it up about 30 minutes ago, and really loved the templates. Think that combined with the scripts I’ve really no excuse not to do video now!

Sarah Arrow Customer

What You Get...

All Templates Can Be Edited w/ Your Favorite Slideshow Software:

...AND all Video Graphic Elements can be used in your favorite video creation software such as the brand new VideoMakerFX!
(see "Look Inside" Video below)

"Look Inside" Video:

What People Like YOU
Say About My Products...

Gilbert Bermudez

I just wanted to say that Peter Beattie is the Man! The 30 Minute Web Commercials training cleared up a lot of Video building issues for me. I have seen alot of stuff on my IM trail and this is the best Video Training I have seen. Thank you Peter!

Gilbert Bermudez Video Revolver Customer
Althea Lovell

I like the 30 web video commercial training. It has help me improve on my skills. Happy to be here and hope to learn a lot!

Althea Lovell Video Revolver Customer
Trevor Lundstrom

We have just finished the final (3rd) training webinar with Peter, the whole course has been INVALUABLE to me. Peter has explained a lot of stuff that I was just about to give up on asking other video people, thank you so much Peter.

I am very pleased I found Peter and this group, really have some big ideas I can now get started on.

Trevor Lundstrom
Joel Gali

Man I kid you not, I just bought Video Blackbelt and the upsell. . . I’ve been wanting to become a copywriter for the longest time and now with this product, this made me become one on steroids. Peter Beattie you don’t know me but honestly this has finally got to be the best thing online i ever bought. Now I will be able to live the dream I always wanted THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Joel Gali
Diane Ferraro

Love your stuff…have been into video marketing for about a year…your stuff is killer…can’t wait to learn more! You give a lot of good info and details compared to many other IM’s. New VBB is great…thanks Peter for giving us a break….thumbs up from me!

Diane Ferraro Video Revolver Customer
Mike Beasant

Peter, you have done it NOW! I bought several of your products to make it easy to sell promo videos. I have tried several others, After Effects Templates etc, but nothing beats the quality of your training and simplicity of the system. . . I now have clear and simple marketing videos I can use without messing around with videojac or videoscribe. . . Your products have changed my view on how to run my business and the services I can offer.

Mike Beasant

The Templates...

Each template comes with it's own animated headlines, testimonials, characters, objects, backgrounds, sound effects, background music and more!

Impact Video Sales Letter

The secret weapon I pull out of my bag whenever I need to create a super converting sales video that SELLS. I used this template last month to rake in over $50k in sales in under 1 week. If you got something to sell, this one will turn your viewers into buyers.

Total Value: $197

Internet Entrepreneur

This template is perfect for creating animated explainer videos in the internet marketing niche, success or even lifestyle niches. It comes with 5 characters, 8 objects ranging from exotic cars to private jets and 3 backgrounds to create your scenes.

Total Value: $197

Real Estate

This template is perfect for creating animated explainer videos in the Real Estate or housing niche. It comes with 5 characters, 10 objects ranging from for sale signs, house keys to a mailbox and 3 backgrounds to create your scenes.

Total Value: $197

Product Launch Video

The template I pull out whenever I want to make a hard hitting prelaunch video that "pre-sells" my product or service and creates buzz around my launch. I've literally used this same template to launch 30+ products totaling over $270k in sales for one business.

Total Value: $197

Auto Dealer

This template is perfect for creating animated explainer videos in the Auto Dealer niche. It comes with 5 characters, 9 objects ranging from various vehicles, car keys & more and 3 backgrounds to create your scenes.

Total Value: $197

Local Diner

This template is perfect for creating animated explainer videos in the Restaurant or Local Diner niche. It comes with 5 characters, 10 objects ranging from various foods to restaurant items and 3 backgrounds to create your scenes.

Total Value: $197

Health & Fitness

This template is perfect for creating animated explainer videos in the Health & Fitness niche. It comes with 5 characters, 10 objects ranging from various exercise equipment pieces to workout gear and 3 backgrounds to create your scenes.

Total Value: $197

Construction Contractor

This template is perfect for creating animated explainer videos in the Construction or Building Contractor niche. It comes with 7 characters, 10 objects ranging from construction equipment to tools and 3 backgrounds to create your scenes.

Total Value: $197


This template is perfect for creating animated explainer videos in the Dental niche. It comes with 5 characters, 8 objects ranging from dental tools to dental hygiene products and 3 backgrounds to create your scenes.

Total Value: $197

Pizza Restaurant

This template is perfect for creating animated explainer videos in the Local Pizza or Italian Restaurant niche. It comes with 5 characters, 11 objects ranging from various foods to restaurant items and 3 backgrounds to create your scenes.

Total Value: $197

Total Value for 10 Templates: $1,970.00


Instant Video Templates

Fast Action Bonuses...

Grab your copy of Instant Video Templates before the timer expires,
and I'll also throw in these fast action bonuses...

Bonus #1: Video Marketer's Outsource Guide

For the past 9 months I've been using a secret outsourcing tactic that's allowed me to outsource my video creation for literally pennies on the dollar. All while my competitors are stuck spending huge amounts of money that cuts into their profits.

This secret tactic most likely goes against everything you've ever been taught about outsourcing but it works like crazy.

This has literally been like hitting a goldmine for me and I'll reveal exactly what it is inside this short video.

(NO, it's not a 'how to outsource on Fiverr' guide. Although it does involve leveraging Fiverr in a DIFFERENT way.)

Total Value: $197

Bonus #2: Private FB Mastermind Group

As a member of, you'll also get a special invite to my secret Facebook group for Video Marketers.

Learn from other video marketing ninjas like yourself, showoff your skills, JV, network or ask for help when you need it!

Total Value: $97 /mo

Total Value of Bonuses: $294.00

Yours FREE!

(when you buy before the timer expires)

What Can They Do for You?

Here's how these animated video templates can help you make better videos...

  • Proven Performers = Predictable Results

    The videos I’ve created over the years have generated millions in revenue for me and my clients. Now YOU can benefit from my years of hard work by putting MY own personal battle tested and proven profit pulling video templates to work in your own business.

  • Create a Winning Video Every Time!

    My video animation templates take the guesswork out of explainer video creation. Just open up the templates, use the pre-created slides to create the slides for your video, and publish straight to a video right inside PowerPoint. Don’t worry, I also show you how inside the tutorials 🙂

  • Save Time AND Your Sanity

    Forget spending hours in front of the computer trying to learn some clunky and over complicated video editing software. With my templates you can easily create professional videos in mins using the slideshow software you already know! Why over complicate things if you don’t have to?

  • Save Money. Lots of it

    No need to spend hundreds on over priced software. Monthly fees? Forget about them. Now you can easily & quickly create professional animated marketing videos with ease using nothing more than your favorite slideshow software…even the FREE Open Office Impress!

  • CONQUER Your Niche. Get noticed

    Your competition is either too lazy or doesn’t have the money to outsource explainer video creation. With Instant Video Templates, you can easily create the videos you need to get you noticed and help you stand out in a crowded marketplace…without the crazy fees your competitors think you’re paying.

  • Explainer Videos Made Easy!

    Let’s face it. Creating explainer videos from scratch is A LOT of work & cost a fortune to outsource. BUT, w/ IVT I’ve already done all the hard work & up front investment for you. Just open my templates, follow my instructions & you’ll be cranking out videos just mins from now.

What Can You Do with Them?

A few ways you can use these templates to make profitable videos today...

  • Create Videos for Your Clients

    Use my templates to create better videos that impress your clients and make YOU the video marketing guru they go to for all their video needs.

  • Sell Your Products & Services Online

    Use my templates to create a conversion crushing videos that sell more of your ebooks, software, online courses, consulting services and more!

  • Instant Portfolio

    Use my templates to create a portfolio to show potential clients the kind of videos you can do for them. Even if you don’t have any prior clients!

  • Better ROI from Your Facebook Ads

    Use my templates to create better landing page or sales videos to convert more of your Facebook traffic into buyers.

  • Look Like a Pro

    Use my templates to create professional videos that position and brand YOU as the expert & authority in your niche.

  • Create Killer Youtube Content

    Use my templates to create entertaining and useful content for your Youtube channel so you can build a loyal following around your brand.

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Instant Video Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I get stuck and need help?

A: Don't worry, I stand behind my products 100%! Just submit a ticket on my help desk and either my assistant Emily or myself will be there to help.

Q: Can you show me exactly what I'm getting?

A: Sure. Here's a tour of the members area:

Q: Do you show me how to use these templates?

A: Yes, I created step by step video instructions to go with each template. You can see a preview of these in the video above.

Q: Do you offer other video creation training?

A: Yes, here are a few of my best selling courses:

Video Black Belt

Promo Video Pro

30 Minute Web Commercials

Video Script Genius

Q: What are my usage rights for these templates?

A: You are free to use the templates and all graphics within them in an unlimited amount of yours or your client's videos but you cannot directly resell the templates or any of the graphics within them.

For example, using the templates and graphics to create a video for you or your clients is perfectly fine.

However, reselling the templates as "video templates" or the graphics as "stock graphics" is not OK and my lawyer will not like you.

Q: Is there an upsell / OTO?

A: Yes, but it's not required. It's an optional upgrade that includes some more video animation templates from my collection along with some other tools to help you make better videos.