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Lourenço Maciel

I can’t believe how much value is being given on Video Script Genius… and for so cheap! Absolutely incredible, great job!

Lourenço Maciel Digital Advice
Darlene Ellenburg

Just set up my You Tube channels last week, started a FB page and beginning to create explainer sketch videos mostly. Having such fun, I can see if I do begin offline work, I just want to focus on video creation and get good at it. I have to say, Peter Beattie that your membership site for Video Script Genius is really, really exceptionally done with the light boxes, big, bold font and precision format alignment.

Darlene Ellenburg Video Revolver Customer
Althea Lovell

I like the 30 web video commercial training. It has help me improve on my skills. Happy to be here and hope to learn a lot!

Althea Lovell Video Revolver Customer
Diane Ferraro

Love your stuff…have been into video marketing for about a year…your stuff is killer…can’t wait to learn more! You give a lot of good info and details compared to many other IM’s. New VBB is great…thanks Peter for giving us a break….thumbs up from me!

Diane Ferraro Video Revolver Customer
Gilbert Bermudez

I just wanted to say that Peter Beattie is the Man! The 30 Minute Web Commercials training cleared up a lot of Video building issues for me. I have seen alot of stuff on my IM trail and this is the best Video Training I have seen. Thank you Peter!

Gilbert Bermudez Video Revolver Customer
Joel Gali

Man I kid you not, I just bought Video Blackbelt and the upsell. . . I’ve been wanting to become a copywriter for the longest time and now with this product, this made me become one on steroids. Peter Beattie you don’t know me but honestly this has finally got to be the best thing online i ever bought. Now I will be able to live the dream I always wanted THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Joel Gali
Trevor Lundstrom

We have just finished the final (3rd) training webinar with Peter, the whole course has been INVALUABLE to me. Peter has explained a lot of stuff that I was just about to give up on asking other video people, thank you so much Peter.

I am very pleased I found Peter and this group, really have some big ideas I can now get started on.

Trevor Lundstrom
Mike Beasant

Peter, you have done it NOW! I bought several of your products to make it easy to sell promo videos. I have tried several others, After Effects Templates etc, but nothing beats the quality of your training and simplicity of the system. . . I now have clear and simple marketing videos I can use without messing around with videojac or videoscribe. . . Your products have changed my view on how to run my business and the services I can offer.

Mike Beasant

"I had the chance to gain access to this course in full before it went live and I have picked up lots of tips Peter has never shown me, even though we've been working together for years! I can honestly say you will find it extremely hard, if not impossible to find this type of video creation training anywhere online, for this ridiculous price. Worth way, way more!"

Jamie Garside

"Way to OVER-Deliver Peter. You really should be charging $997.00 for this information, I've seen people charge upwards of $2,995 for what you're teaching. Truly brilliant stuff! I learned a boatload of new tricks from this...good gravy well done man, well done! ”

Anthony Aires

"Hey Peter...this looks first class. Equivalent to TV commercials in my opinion. Thanks for the high end production."


“My Review about this course...... Just get it before Peter takes down that offer, seriously. It's the most detailed course I purchased about making videos covering every angle using several different tools. Everything explained and nicely laid out. VERY WELL DONE...”


"I'll be doing a presentation to my local chamber of commerce on social media. The OTO video may be a great thing to present to break into the video market with local businesses."


“I have bought just about every product Peter has put out and they have helped me to make my services website look fantastic, awe my clients with videos and themes that were top of the line, and acquiring new clients by educating them with the videos that he produces.”

Morris Murphy

"A really excellent product that offers real value and will be of true benefit to anyone using video for local offline services. I can already see how to use this for attracting new clients."


" Thank you for being such a stand up guy who REALLY creates something of real substance. I'm fortunate to be able to add this to my Video line up I look forward to your additions in the future"


“Peter's Video Creation products are simply a MUST HAVE.. This is Massive Inside. By Far the Most Complete and Well Taught Video Creation Course available... You would pay Hundreds for this quality and content anywhere else.. For folks like myself that use Video as a Short Cut to Online and Offline success, this course would be worth it at $97.. Peter walks the walk, he's been using video successfully for years.. (The above was for those that don't know Peter, for the others I'm sure you bought already) Great Job Bro, Thanks for all the time you put into this”

Nick Mancuso

"This is the kind of training every marketer wants to get their hands on. Fortunately, for a short time, Peter has made it so anybody can afford to have it. [Serious DEAL ALERT!!!] Looks absolutely amazing and I can't wait to go through it. Peter has a solid reputation for over delivering and I say that from my experience of buying his products. He really takes pride in what he creates and seems to be a bit of a perfectionist. Everything I've seen him produce is jaw-dropping, eye-popping and totally first rate! Peter, thanks for creating such a complete video marketing course!"

Charlie Lyons

I've been going through your two products, Video Black Belt and Perfect Pitch Videos, and I have many great compliments about them. I really like how you have organized the material, and explained each segment in such a way that I feel it's very easy to grasp. You could teach many of my college professors a thing or two!

I've been learning Adobe Premiere, and find I really enjoy making videos. I have a writing background, and am on the cusp of launching a series of products in the self-help area. I am excited about using Powerpoint for many of them, especially after watching your videos about it.

Judy Camp, Video Revolver Customer

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